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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Teso music

Am here by wondering whether someone out there can direct me to where I can get Teso music downloads.

Monday, 8 September 2014


These pcb photos are for my latest amplifier project based on TDA7294V ic.
the project is capable of 100watts out put to 4ohm load with +/-35v.
The pcbs are tested and working,they are based on the schematic provided by the manfucture on the data sheet of TDA7294V.
I used eagle cadsoft to create this pcb.


Part     Value           Package      Library  Position (mm)         Orientation

C1       22uf            E5-4         rcl      (39.37 46.99)         R270
C2       10uf            E5-4         rcl      (67.31 46.99)         R270
C3       10uf            E5-4         rcl      (62.23 46.99)         R270
C4       22uf            E5-4         rcl      (52.07 57.15)         R90
C5       470nf           C050-024X044 rcl      (45.72 55.88)         R90
C6       100nf           C050-024X044 rcl      (66.04 67.31)         R180
C7       100nf           C050-024X044 rcl      (35.56 68.58)         R180
C8       1000uf/63v      E3,5-10      rcl      (30.48 50.8)          R90
C9       1000uf/63v      E3,5-10      rcl      (73.66 52.07)         R270
IC1      TDA7294V        MULTIWATT15V tda729x  (50.8 73.66)          R0
PAD1     WIREPAD2,54/0,8 2,54/0,8     wirepad  (43.18 45.72)         R0
PAD2     WIREPAD2,54/0,8 2,54/0,8     wirepad  (46.99 45.72)         R0
PAD3     WIREPAD2,54/0,8 2,54/0,8     wirepad  (50.8 45.72)          R0
PAD4     WIREPAD2,54/1,1 2,54/1,1     wirepad  (58.42 45.72)         R0
PAD5     WIREPAD2,54/1,1 2,54/1,1     wirepad  (54.61 45.72)         R0
PAD6                     2,54/0,9     wirepad  (55.88 57.15)         R0
PAD7                     2,54/0,9     wirepad  (67.31 59.69)         R0
R1       22k             0207/7       rcl      (48.26 55.88)         R90
R2       680ohms         0207/7       rcl      (39.37 55.88)         R90
R3       22K             0207/7       rcl      (41.91 55.88)         R270
R4       22k             0207/7       rcl      (59.69 55.88)         R270
R5       10k             0207/7       rcl      (54.61 50.8)          R0

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Printed circuit board made from home.

Its a pleasure coming back with a complete project that has all been a dream.
seeing a printed circuit board in your daily electronics make some think making one must be rocket science or so. To my African grand mother it can be called white man witchcraft.

-Hydrochloric acid
-hydrogen peroxide
-copper coated board
-two plastic bowls

mix a solution of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide in ratio of 1:2 parts
Note: while mixing, add acid to hydrogenperoxide not reverse.
the reaction can be exothermic.
the photos here attached

are for the part finished board.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Troubleshooting complex electrical panels.

Electrical panels are casings used to house electrical equipment in industrial or domestic setups.
Housed in the panel can be equipment necessary for process control of electric drives and other associated equipment.
In the panel cab be magnetic contactors,cct breakers,control relays,timer relays,programmable logic controllers(plc), etc.

In case of failure of the machine usual operating partern,one can suspect alot of things to have contributed to the failure.before the technician identifies the cause of failure,he shall take procedures to identify the trouble.
These series of procedures undertaken is what we refer as troubleshooting.
There is no standard procedure or technique but below is what the technician has to follow.

1.Understand the normal operatoon of the equipment in question.
2. Plan ur work and lay down necessary tools and procedures.
This will help you save time in the process.
3. Asses the area for any risks of danger to the personel and equipment.
4.Carry out your tests and inspection according to international or local standards set.
5.Incase parts are to be dismanteled from their positions,mark all of them to avoid confussing them when re-assembling.Incase of teplacement of parts,take care of correct/perfect replacement and maching.Try as far as possible to maintain ratings of parts(unless other modifications which require so).part standards and manfucture if possible should be maintained.If a part is to be replaced with one from different manfucture,it must be of same standard and rating,also size if equipment shiuld be the same inoder to fit the existing space in the panel.
5.After all you are done and the machine is ready to start again,carry out tests and inspections before starting.
6.There you are ready to start,clear the workspace of all tools and debris and start the machine.Observe correct operation and carry out operational tests eg current,voltage,confirm direction of motion incase of motor.
If all us right,stop the machine and call the operator,infirm him of the cause of the previous failure,anychanges made to the operation procedure of the machine if any.
NOTE: Do not bypass/nrglect any safty settings or equipment during repair,modifications of the equipment.
Best wishes
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TECH:Edeu Amos Akile'amojong.

Friday, 20 June 2014

200watts stereo power amplifier based on TDA7293V

The amplifier is based on the TDA7293V intergrated circuit.
It gives out 200w output with a supply voltage of 35vdc.
Thanks to the compact design,the power supply is also inbuild in the same board.The power supply is using 15A briedge rectifier and 10,000mf filter caps,3mm red leds in series with the resistor provide on status indication and discharge the filter caps during turn off.
The mute/stdby features have been bypassed however one can include them too.
Parts list can be fetched from the component layout image since they are clear.

Friday, 30 May 2014


This is the pcb layout of 80watts power amplifier for home hifi.
For stereo you build two copies of this circuit.
For details on the shematics on the data sheet of the intergrated circuit.


my amplifier project using TDA2050 IC it sounds good and give a good punch to the speaker like made in japan.
ITS 32W outputter.
if ur interested in building one for your self,inbox for partlist and shematics.
Thanks to mordern electronics(shop) pn kampala rd for parts and pcb.